who is kholoud


- kholoud had graduated from the faculty of commerce-English section- Accounting Department.

 -kholoud trained at CIB Commercial International Bank

- Kholoud was the Finance Manager to the Brooke International hospital, 

-Then worked as a Financial Auditor at EG trainers Company,

- After that worked as a banker for ABC Bank,

-kholoud was the Finance Manager at Discovery TeleCommunication company.

- Finally, kholoud decided to listen to her call to duty and follow her passion voice as an Author & a Life Coach by sharing her innate vision, mission and goals to offer her contribution in transforming the lives of people to be the best version of themselves through writing her books and designing her coaching program.

- kholoud has developed and designed her life coaching program after many scientific kinds of research, studies and passing with various experience.


 - kholoud got certified diploma as a life coach from the International British New Skills Academy.

- kholoud got Human resources diploma from Oxford training college-Britain

- Kholoud got Certified diploma in Human Development from Candian Institution which studied and certified the following:-

- Diploma in Power of Human Energy 

- Diploma in Charisma 

- Diploma in NLP ( Neuro-linguistic programming ) 

- Diploma in Time Management

- Diploma in Mental health

- Diploma in Family Counseling 

- Diploma in Mind Mapping & Memory 

- Diploma in Anger Management

- Diploma in Problem Solving

- Diploma in Hypnosis suggestibility

- Diploma in Multiple Intelligences & Cort

- Diploma in Strategic Planning

- Diploma in  TOT (Training of Trainers)

- Also got a diploma in Inclusive leadership from Catalyst Organization

- Got a diploma in the International Business Venture from Harvard business school

- Got a diploma from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.

, moreover, now she is a researcher in MA in Educational Leadership & Management with UNICAF UNIVERSITY at the University of South Wales  

kholoud believes in Having courage, igniting passion and being kind can generate miracles !!!